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Devotion Thoughts - 25/06/2011

2 Kings 9:14-37. 2 Kings 10:1-31
The LORD said to Jehu, "You have done well. ... You destroyed Ahab's family the way I wanted you to... " (10:30)...But Jehu was not careful to follow the law of the LORD with all his heart. Jehu did not stop committing the sins of Jeroboam that caused Israel to sin. (10:31). (ERV).

Ahab's dynasty started with murder and the usurping of the throne of Israel, and ended the same way, with Jehu wiping out Ahab's family. Ahab's family murdered the Lord's servants (9:7), and made the deliberate choice to be idol worshippers. God saw that there was no point in allowing them to continue in their evil ways.

Acts 17:1-34
God began by making one man, and from him he made all the different people who live everywhere in the world. He decided exactly when and where they would live (v26,ERV).
It is through him that we are able to live, to do what we do, and to be who we are. ...'We all come from him.' (v.28,ERV).

Having created us, God has a right to use us as He sees fit. It is up to each individual to realise this, and to make the most of the situation. Having given us His Word for our guidance, it pays us to get to know what He wants of us and to fit in with Him. And to those who give Him their all He gives His best - eternal life with Him in the wonderful new heaven and earth that will replace the spoiled earth we currently live in.

Psalm 144:1-15
LORD, why are people important to you? Why do you even notice us? (v3,ERV).

Those are interesting questions. As we read through the Bible we find the answer very simple: God made us because He wants to have fellowship with us. But because of Satan the serpent, Adam and Eve were enticed into sin, a condition inherited by their descendants, all of mankind. A holy God does not fellowship with unholy people, so God made a plan by which we can become holy: believe in Jesus for salvation and cleansing. Forgiven sins are gone forever, making us holy, and enabling God to fellowship with us. That is why we are important to Him!

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