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Devotion Thoughts - 16/07/2011

1 Chronicles 22:1-19 1 Chronicles 23:1-32

[The Levites were appointed] to praise and glorify the LORD every morning and every evening (23:30,GNB).

The worship of God must be a very disciplined matter. Almighty God must be first in all our thoughts and be consulted about all matters relating to our lives. Don't ever rush into each day with the thought that you have to 'get on with things'. Before ever we commence any daily activity, we must 'acknowledge Him in all our ways' (Proverbs 3:6) at the beginning of each day, then He will gladly 'direct our paths' through the day so that each day is well and efficiently used and brings us the most benefit. Do this, trust God, and you will be amazed at how much more you achieve in life, and be full of praise for God at the end of each day!

Romans 3:9-31

As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one... (v.10).
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God (v.23).

There is not one person who can claim to be righteous unless their sins have been washed away in the blood of Jesus Christ. The only people who will dwell in heaven are those who have confessed that they are sinners, asked God for forgiveness, and relied on the blood of Jesus sacrificed on Calvary to take all their sins away. Only then are they cleansed from sin so that God can indwell them (Revelation :14). But once God indwells us we do not 'come short' of having God's glory in our lives! The fulness of God will be in us, enabling us to live powerful God-honouring lives!

Psalm 12:1-8

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted (v.8).

When corrupt individuals are praised then more and more sinners will be encouraged to parade their sinful lifestyles for all the world to see. By God's grace, true Believers have His power within them so that they do not practise sinful behaviour.

Proverbs 19:13-14

Stupid children can bring their parents to ruin. A nagging wife is like water going drip-drip-drip (v.13,GNB).

You may inherit all you own from your parents, but a sensible wife is a gift from the LORD (v.14,CEV).

A sensible wife is a great blessing for what she brings to the union helps when there are no worthwhile material blessings. Never fail to give thanks to God if you have a sensible wife! God's favour is on you!

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